The Stemform Innovation

Stemform has developed a proprietary, safe, and controlled method to boost the small number of stem cells found in a patient’s fat tissue to sufficiently high concentrations to offer the most reliable and effective natural cosmetic results to patients.

Stemform has developed a method to isolate a small number of adipose tissue-derived stem/stromal cells, or ASCs, found in a patient’s adipose tissue (i.e., fat) and subsequently expand the cells safely and efficiently in the laboratory to sufficiently boost the number of stem cells needed to achieve the desired concentrations.

This approach allows us to significantly increase the concentration of a patient’s own ASCs in fat compared with that achieved by conventional and cell-assisted lipofilling. Whereas conventional lipofilling yields 10,000-30,000 ASCs per ml of fat, and cell-assisted lipofilling offers a slightly higher concentration, Stemform aims for a minimum concentration of 20 million ASCs per ml of fat for our cosmetic treatments.

This concentration ensures a reliable fat graft when mixed with the patient’s own freshly harvested adipose tissue as per Stemform procedures. This is demonstrated under strict scientific rigor and principles as documented by our findings. We are not familiar with any other method using the patient’s own cells and tissue that can produce such convincing outcomes.

Thus, a patient who receives the Stemform treatment can obtain a predictable and natural aesthetic result regardless of whether they are seeking breast augmentation, facial filling and/or skin rejuvenation. This method provides patients a reliable and permanent natural alternative to temporary and artificial/synthetic solutions, such as breast implants and various hyaluronic acid facial fillers and toxins.

Stemform currently offers breast augmentation through our certified partners, which produces results superior to those of artificial solutions or conventional lipofilling.

Stemform is finalizing a facial protocol and expects to offer a range of revolutionary commercial facial treatments by 2020/2021.

Stemform is also undertaking other exciting R&D programs to contribute solutions to address other aesthetic needs and desires.