Our ambition

We are dedicated to delivering safe and effective natural biological solutions to meet the cosmetic needs of people around the world while serving plastic surgeons and healthcare professionals:

By keeping our patients’ and customers’ safety and well-being at the core of everything we do.

By focusing our unique combination of stem cell technology and plastic surgery into new treatment solutions.

By partnering with leading plastic surgeons, hospitals & healthcare professionals, and academia.

Our story

Stemform was founded on the idea that people can fulfil their cosmetic desires without using artificial or synthetic materials and strictly using their own body material.

Stemform has spent years modifying and perfecting a commercially viable stem cell-enriched fat grafting solution for cosmetic treatments.

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Our founder, Dr. Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle, acknowledged the benefits of using a patient’s own fat for cosmetic treatments (e.g., breast augmentation, facial filling, wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation), as this material will always be biocompatible, natural appearing, non-immunogenic and versatile.

However, the transplanted fat graft is unpredictable and often has low survival. Thus, several procedures are needed to achieve an acceptable cosmetic outcome. Moreover, such transplants may not result in patient satisfaction and may not be a viable option for all people (e.g., thin people).

Inspired by scientific findings, Stemform was established in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark to begin modifying and perfecting a commercially viable stem cell-enriched fat grafting solution for various cosmetic treatments.

After targeted developmental work, we are now able to offer what we believe is a safe, natural, reliable, effective, and permanent fat grafting solution tailored to and around the individual patient. This treatment solution provides huge advantages over current artificial, synthetic, temporary, and unreliable cosmetic solutions.

We are proud to be pioneers of this new treatment regimen in modern plastic surgery and are committed to serving our patients and customers at the highest standards to always ensure satisfaction across the board while working hard to make the innovative treatments accessible to as many people as possible both geographically and economically.

Our commitment

Stemform is committed to finding natural solutions for all aesthetic purposes and to do so in a safe and controlled manner. While maintaining safety is our main priority, we work closely with our strategic suppliers to drive down costs so that we can reach a greater number of patients.


Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle

Stig-Frederik has been spearheading the R&D and clinical trial programs at Stemform since founding the company. Furthermore, he oversees the company’s stem cell production activities.

Stig-Frederik is a certified plastic surgeon from Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet. He worked as an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University during his employment at Rigshospitalet and Herlev hospitals. He holds a PhD and has worked in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Stem Cell Technology since 2009.

Peter Selvig
Managing Director

Peter has been responsible for all the company’s administrative, financial, and operational activities since co-founding the company.

Prior to joining Stemform, Peter worked for Royal Dutch Shell for 10 years in various roles spanning business transformation, business development, marketing, sales, and trading.

Peter earned an M.Sc. in Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School in 2005.

Anne Fischer-Nielsen
Head of Tissue Establishment and Regulatory Affairs

Anne has been responsible for all Stemform’s tissue establishment activities and regulatory affairs since co-founding the company.

Anne has worked with cell-based therapies for more than ten years and has headed a tissue establishment and cell therapy facility at a public hospital since 2010.

Anne holds an MD and PhD, and is a specialist in clinical immunology.

Board of directors

Bo Jønsson
Board Member

Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle
Board member

Nis Alstrup
Board member

Christian Riisberg

Anders Christian Wolf Kølle
Board member

Peter Selvig
Board member

Our partners

As a B2B business, Stemform works with leading surgeons, private hospitals, and private clinics to make our treatments available for patients who want the best, most reliable natural solution to address their cosmetic needs and desires. Stemform ensures that both hospitals and individual surgeons are trained and certified before our treatment solution is offered to patients.

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