Breast augmentation

Through our certified partners, Stemform offers breast augmentations and artificial implant replacements that are:

Natural – feels natural, looks natural, is natural
Tested – bio-compatible and no risk of rejection
Effective – one treatment results in the breast size agreed
Reliable – consistent high rates of graft retention
Permanent – becomes part of the body’s metabolism; no need for surgical removal
Scarless – transplant injected using small needles leaving no visible scarring in most patients
Versatile – for women in all shapes and sizes desiring larger sculpted breasts

In short, the most aesthetic breast augmentation available in the market today.

Innovation in science

Founded on the idea that people can fulfil their cosmetic desires without using artificial or synthetic materials and strictly using their own body material.

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The Stemform formula

Stemform has developed a proprietary, safe, and controlled method to boost the small number of stem cells found in a patient’s fat tissue to sufficiently high concentrations to offer the most reliable and effective natural cosmetic results to patients.

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