How long will it take before I see the breast augmentation results?

The results are immediate in terms of breast size, but the breast volume typically stabilizes with the body’s metabolism after 6-8 weeks.

Will I have any visible scars on my breasts or body from Stemform treatments?

Small needles are used to inject the natural filling material into the breasts, which results in no visible scarring in most patients, unlike most implant procedures. Liposuction also requires a few minor incision points, but they are short and placed in discreet locations. Any scarring normally fades after one year. Therefore, most patients will not have any visible scars after one year.

Will I experience any discomfort from Stemform breast augmentations?

In fact, breast augmentations with stem cell lipofilling is a much less invasive procedure than inserting implants. The side effects of our breast augmentations are very mild in severity, but redness around the injection site may exist. The liposuction procedure, however, is more invasive and can cause bruising, tenderness, swelling and altered skin color. Therefore, you will be required to wear compression garments for six weeks postoperatively to improve the cosmetic result, ease discomfort and speed up the recovery process.

Will I lose breast volume if I lose weight following a Stemform procedure?

In short, the answer is yes. Following a Stemform treatment, your larger breasts become part of your body in a natural way. Therefore, if you lose weight, the fat cells become smaller (less fatty). On the other hand, if you gain weight, the fat cells become larger (fattier). Regardless of weight gain/loss, you will still have significantly more fat cells (i.e. volume) in your breasts than prior to the Stemform procedure.

Are mesenchymal stem cells safe to inject into the human body?

Stemform always uses a patient’s own stem cells, and the risk of rejection is thus essentially non-existent because the body is tolerant to its own cells. Moreover, safety records from more than 500 trials involving far more than 1000 patients using laboratory-expanded mesenchymal stem cells, including adipose tissue-derived stem cells, have reported no serious side effects. Furthermore, Stemform follows pharmaceutical production standards and guidelines to ensure that the highest safety measures are taken to safeguard patients.

Are there any carcinogenic risks associated with using expanded mesenchymal stem cells?

Extensive research has shown no data indicating tumour formation or malignant transformation by using a patient’s own laboratory-expanded mesenchymal stem cells. However, whether fat transplants with or without stem cell enrichment promote or inhibit the growth of pre-existing tumors at the injection site remains debatable. Therefore, Stemform and our partners do NOT offer stem cell treatments to patients with known active cancer diseases.

Why do Stemform treatments need to be two-staged procedures?

To isolate stem cells for the subsequent laboratory expansion process, we need to perform a minor liposuction to extract stem cells from the patient’s own fat tissue. The actual treatment can be performed 2-4 weeks later using the expanded stem cells as well as any freshly harvested fat tissue.

Where is the procedure performed?

The Stemform procedures take place at approved private hospitals and clinics. Stemform provides our laboratory stem cell services to leading surgeons who wish to offer their patients these types of natural and effective treatments and who are trained and certified to perform the procedures utilizing our methods to ensure a reliable result. You can always locate Stemform certified hospitals and clinics on our website under the “book consultation and partners” tab.

Why can I not receive a Stemform treatment closer to home?

We are committed to rolling out our treatments to as many locations as we can service in a safe, reliable, and controlled manner. However, all new beginnings start somewhere and then grow. Thus, we began in Copenhagen, Denmark and are working to establish partnerships with leading surgeons and hospitals in major urban cities in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East to make our treatments accessible to more people. Until then, please find your closest certified hospital on our website, where the treatment can be performed today.

As a surgeon, how do I obtain Stemform certification to offer these treatments to my patients?

We encourage you to contact us to initiate a discussion so that we may provide all the assistance needed to establish a formalized collaboration and training program.

Why are the Stemform treatments so expensive?

Stemform sets only the price of laboratory-expanded stem cells to the hospital, whereas the hospital/clinic establishes the total price of the treatment. However, we know that laboratory-expanded stem cells are a very big part of the overall treatment cost. Therefore, we are committed to aggressively driving down production prices by working smartly and closely with our strategic suppliers.

Do Stemform treatment outcomes really justify the costs?

Individual patients are responsible for assessing whether our treatment is worth the costs. We can only encourage you to look on our outcomes page and judge for yourself whether you believe a natural, effective, reliable, and permanent result that leaves (almost) no visible scars is worth the costs. However, we are firm believers in a natural and effective solution to address all aesthetic needs, so please re-consider whether you wish to undergo synthetic/artificial operations that are temporary fixes only because they are cheaper.

Do you offer finance options?

Stemform does not offer finance options, and we do not encourage our patients to indebt themselves beyond their means.